BestBSUrentals has been a great company to rent a college home with. They have taken care of everything I needed in a quick and effective manner, they are very kind as well. I highly recommend.

Zoe HannanTenant 2018-2019

Paying rent is easy, and BestBSUrentals is great at communicating with emails. The on-line maintenance is very convenient because I can access it any time.

Demri WhiteTenant 2018-2019

We have been very pleased with our house that we have rented through Best BSUrentals! The location is fantastic and the house is well taken care of!

Eli SchapkerTenant 2017-2018

If you are looking for a great off campus living experience, look no further than BestBSUrentals. BestBSUrentals lives up to their name in every aspect. Kate is friendly and always quick to respond. Maintenance comes within a day after a request is submitted, and the homes Kate rents are nice and the perfect place to live and make memories with college friends.

Marisa MaldonadoTenant 2017-2018

BestBSUrentals is simply amazing! They do an amazing job staying in contact with you. Whenever you need something, they are always there to help right away. I wouldn't want to rent from anyone else!

Alyssa BurchfieldTenant 2017-2018

Renting through BestBSUrentals gave me such a great living experience off campus. The day I signed the lease with Kate Benson, was so exciting. She was definitely the best landlord my friends and I had talked too throughout our search for a home. Maintenance is always friendly and willing to put in the time to fix any issues that occur. The staff was respectful and very helpful when it came to answering any questions or concerns that we had. I think everyone should take the time to rent through BestBSUrentals if they want a good living experience & I know of many people who would agree with me!

Cat ShockleyTenant 2017-2018

Renting through BestBSUrentals has been my best experience! We have a very good relationship with our landlord. Maintenance requests are always fixed within a couple of days, and I hope to rent from the company in the future!

Adrienne SpahrTenant 2016-2017

I have been very pleased with all the services BestBSURentals has provided for our house. When our washing machine and dryer were not working properly, they were replaced with really nice, new appliances. It is quick and easy to submit maintenance requests, and someone comes to check out the problem within a few days after the request is submitted. Overall, great experience!

Kelsey DickesonTenant 2016-2018

Working with BestBSUrentals has been a great experience! The BestBSUrentals website is so easy to use and navigate. It is very handy and user friendly. They put up posts that are helpful and very useful such as the labor day safety tips. Putting in a maintenance request is easy and they always get back to us right away. Our landlord has been great, always answers our questions, and gave us great tips about living off campus and our house. BestBSUrentals has made living off campus fun and enjoyable!

Karson QuarlesTenant 2016-2017

I've been living here for two years and I couldn't be happier! The landlord and maintenance team are always willing to help us out. Thumbs up!

Miranda SimonTenant 2015-2017

BestBSUrentals is a friendly company that was welcoming from the very beginning. We enjoyed our house search with them as they provided us all the necessary information when making our house decision. My roommates and I really enjoy the house we live in. It is very clean, spacious, and was newly repainted. The company responds quickly to inquiries and the staff that we have worked with have been friendly and willing to help us with anything we may need. Overall, it has been a great experience and I recommend them to anyone looking for a business to rent from.

Lauren StegerTenant 2016-2017

BestBSUrentals is an easy going company to rent from. The maintanence always shows up shortly after a request which is outstanding! The staff isn't hard to communicate with, and they treat you with respect and not just another tenant. They are very helpful especially for first time renters.

Jacob MassucciTenant 2016-2017

It's obvious where BestBSUrentals got their name. I have rented with them for 3 years now and love their properties. They have very friendly and caring employees who follow up with maintenance requests in a timely fashion. I have recommended BestBSUrentals to many of my friends and classmates. BestBSUrentals has fast replies on maintenance requests, showing requests, and questions. They truly care about their tenants and their properties. They also have a scholarship opportunity and fun contests to enter to help students.

Lauren GerulskiTenant 2013-2016

Thank you for turning a house into a home for me!

Taylor WickerTenant 2015-2016

We lucked out and had a great landlord, Kate Benson, as our very first landlord experience. Before we even signed the lease she gave us tips and advice on utilities and other aspects of living off campus. The best aspect of renting with BestBSUrentals is the maintenance. If you have anything wrong maintenance is usually there the next day. If we weren't graduating, we would definitely rent from BestBSUrentals again.

Krista RanckTenant 2014-2015

BestBSUrentals is so great! If my roommates & I ever have a problem with our house (which is almost never), they answer/help ASAP!

Leah KundelTenant 2014-2015

I really enjoyed BestBSUrentals mainly because their property is beautiful! I cannot tell you the amount of times we have had guests in our house telling us it was the nicest college house they had ever been in! If I had a challenge, I could contact my property manager, Kate Benson, and she immediately helped me. If there is ever a problem with maintenance, they are usually there as quick as possible! I absolutely loved it!

Chandler BoydTenant 2015-2016

BestBSUrentals is a great place to spend your college years. They are always on top of your request, and are there to serve you. The homes are clean and well taken care of. The landlords genuinely care about their tenants. I am sorry I didn't move in earlier!

Cassidy CarlileTenant 2014-2015

I just signed another year with BestBSUrentals. My roommates and I are very happy with our house and our landlord. They really make sure that you are well taken care of and do everything they can to make the experience as great as possible. I highly recommend renting from them.

Gabby TorresTenant 2014-2016

BestBSUrentals is always very quick about responding to any maintenance requests that we submit into them. We had some issues with our water heat and shower, and maintenance came the day after we put in the request in to fix it. All of us girls who live in the house are so pleased with BestBSUrentals and would recommend them to anyone looking to rent a house in Muncie!

Alexis PearlsteinTenant 2013-2015

Last December during finals week my roommates and I came home and found a Christmas present from BestBSUrentals! They don't only care about their houses, but us as tenants! They really care about how we're doing and they make an effort to show it!

Emily NickelsTenant 2012-2015

I and three others stayed in the 1105 Ashland Ave house for the past two years. When we first looked at the home, it was not owned by BestBSUrentals. The house itself looks completely different than when we first had the open house. With new floors in the living room, downstairs bedroom, and kitchen, the place looks great! Maintenance was always there short after to fix any issues we had. For an organized and responsive experience choose BestBSUrentals.

Ben McCaffertyTenant 2013-2015

I am very thankful for the quick response by the management team at BestBSUrentals. Last weekend during the negative winter temperatures, the heat stopped working in the house I am renting. They immediately sent a repairman, even though it was very late at night. He set up a temporary fix for the night, then came back the next day and stayed until everything was property working again. Thanks for the attentiveness and quick service!

Bryan BeermanTenant 2013-2014

BestBSUrentals has houses in great locations off campus. They have very friendly and caring maintenance staff who fix things in a timely manner, which is always appreciated.

Haley WildeTenant 2014-2015

BestBSUrentals has been such a fantastic rental company to work with! The landlords truly care about their tenants and go above and beyond to help with any issues that arise. Any problems are addressed and fixed quickly which has made living off campus really easy and comfortable. I would highly recommend renting with them to any student looking for a house!

Sam TurnwaldTenant 2012-2014

BestBSUrentals is a wonderful company with employees who care about their tenants. Whenever a problem occurred our landlord was quick to make sure it was resolved. If you're looking for a college house that feels like home, I recommend renting from BestBSUrentals.

Braden WambachTenant 2013-2014

Making a new home in Muncie was difficult. With BestBSUrentals they made me feel right at home!

Katie SkellyTenant 2012-2014

I could not have asked for a better management company. They always have your best interest in mind.

Sarah CriswellTenant 2012-2014

BestBSUrentals has been a terrific company to rent from. The landlord is truly just a phone call away if any problem arises. Any issue with the house is addressed immediately. Visits are brief and well organized, and result in a great college experience. I am happy that I have remained with BestBSUrentals all three years I have lived off campus.

Ted SheetsTenant 2010-2013

We had an incidence where our water heater completely busted. BestBSUrentals had maintenance over the next day to solve our problem!

Carissa RoseTenant 2012-2013

Ever since I moved into BestBSUrentals property the company has been quick to respond to any issues the tenants inquired. They are professional and willing to work with you. Our dryer broke and BestBSUrentals was quick to get maintenance to fix it. The company wants the tenants to have a comfortable living experience, which I greatly appreciate.

Corey BautersTenant 2012-2013

I am thankful for my experience with BestBSUrentals for the past two years. I appreciate the way they conduct business.

Cameron RieweTenant 2011-2013

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