Ball State University Student Guide to Living Off-Campus

The Campus Community Coalition is committed to continually improving the relationship among Ball State University, neighborhoods, businesses, and the city to enrich the community.

Be a Good Neighbor

When you move off-campus, you become a resident of Muncie in addition to begin a student.  The are rights, privileges and responsibilities associated with being a resident.  Please make sure that you and your roommates have discussed these and are aware of the most common concerns, including trash, parking and parties.

  • Clean up outside trash right away, including any trash in neighboring yards and streets.  If you have questions about trash removal, contact the city.
  • Know the parking ordinances and don’t let your guests park illegally.
  • Understand what is in your lease and how to contact your landlord with questions.  Student Legal Services can also provide information before you sign a lease.

If you chose to invite friends over, follow these suggestions to help make your party enjoyable for you, your guests, and your neighbors.

  • Don’t serve alcohol to minors or provide an environment where minors can gain access to alcohol. Students hosting parties where alcohol is provided in excess to others, or otherwise distributed in violation of the law are subject to sanctions outlined in the Code of Students Rights and Responsibilities up to and including suspension or expulsion from the University.
  • You must have a license to sell alcohol.  Collecting a cover charge and giving away alcohol is still selling alcohol; selling cups is selling alcohol.
  • Don’t allow keg stands, beer bongs, or other activities that encourage rapid consumption of alcohol.
  • It’s safest to socialize with friends; don’t let people you didn’t invite or don’t know crash your party.
  • If the police do come, be respectful and follow directions; your cooperation will help reduce the need for further enforcement.
  • Know the signs of alcohol poisoning and when to call for help, including: being non-responsive, labored breathing, and clammy skin.  If you see these sings, immediately call 911 for help.

Important Resources (Click on the red resource name to directly connect to that resource website.)

University Police | (765) 285-1111

Muncie Police | (765) 747-4838/911

Office of Student Life | (765) 285-2621

Office of Student Rights and Community Standards | (765) 285-5036

Office of Student Affairs | (765) 285-5344

Student Legal Services | (765) 285-1888

Office of Victim Services | (765) 285-7844

Counseling Center | (765) 285-1736  (After Hours Crisis Hotline) 765-747-7330

Health Center | (765) 285-8431

Student Government Association | (765) 285-8631 (information for off-campus caucus available)

City of Muncie | (765) 747-4845

University Area Landlord Association 

(This information is passed out every year via the Campus Community Coalition in a door hanger bag.)

TEXT 317-565-9771 FOR A SHOWING