Ten years ago on May 15, 2005, BestBSUrentals started their partnership purchasing the original five properties that got them started on the Ball State University campus.  Those five properties were 1005 W Beechwood, 321 N Martin, 1216 W Rex, 1411 & 2005 W Main .

Their vision was to create best in class housing while improving overall living space.  The partners believe in taking existing properties, and maximizing spaces to meet tenants’ needs with a more modern concept.  BestBSUrentals believes understanding their clientele is vital to current and future business.  This is why they are committed to using materials that are durable and easy to clean so they set their tenants up for success.

BestBSUrentals also believes in giving back.  The partners of the company were all Ball State graduates in Ball State Greek organizations and other Ball State clubs.  This is why every year the company commits to an annual budget of funding specific events and functions of Greek organizations and clubs.

To celebrate BestBSUrentals 10th anniversary, they put together this video of past, current and future tenants.  We hope you enjoy it!  THANK YOU for the past ten years, and we look forward to the next ten!





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