It’s Spring Break month and a lot of students take time to travel out-of-town to escape the cold weather.   While planning your trip, whether it’s for the entire break or for just a weekend, be sure to take precautions to keep your home safe while you are gone.

Here are a few tips to help keep your home safe while you are away.
• Have a trustworthy friend or family member watch your home while you are away.
• Double check that all your doors and windows are locked.
• Leave your porch lights, back door lights on.
• Hold your mail and paper for the week so it doesn’t pile up outside or in your mailbox.  This can be done at: https://holdmail.usps.com/holdmail/ 
• Make sure your vehicles are locked and do not leave any valuables in the vehicle, especially if the vehicle is parked outside.
• Don’t share details of your vacation on social media sites. Turn off location services on your mobile devices, if you use any of the mobile apps. Wait to share photos until you return. Pictures taken with a GPS-ready camera or phone may have your location embedded in it. Even if you trust your friends, many times their friends and friends of friends can all see your information also.
• Be prepared for the worst. Sometimes, even with all the preparation, a break-in can still happen. It’s a good idea to have an inventory of all your important items: list all serial numbers and take pictures for insurance purposes. It never hurts to be prepared.
• If you are staying home, please be vigilant and report any suspicious activity. If you suspect someone is trying to break into a home, call 911.

Safe Travels!

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