Seven tips to follow for searching and settling into a new college lifestyle:

1. Visit the Campus/College Town before Visiting – You can begin this search on thecollegetourist.com but of course you should take the official campus tour and make sure you really explore on your own. Trained tour guides show you the school’s selling points but take your own walk and ride around town.

2. Read the Bulletin Boards – When you visit the student center, academic and residence halls, take a few minutes to read the bulletin boards. They provide a quick and easy way to see what is happening on campus and a future way to meet new friends.

3. Moving – Relocation can be very stressful.  Be sure to be extremely organized with a good amount of time ahead of you to get settled into your new space. Make lists, pack neatly and light, as you will end up accumulating more in your new town. Search sites for college focused areas if you will not be living on campus. Another option is a realtor. They seem to know what areas are safe and which area is suited to your travel time to campus.

4. Health & Exercise – Stress can trigger over eating, as well as time being an issue, and wanting to consume unhealthy fast food. Try keeping protein or fiber bars on you as well as finding a gym. Go for a walk or run every couple days. Every campus has a gym and exercising will lower your stress as well.

5. Keeping Your Grades up – College is a lot more intensive, academically, than high school. Managing your time is very important as well as understanding when a particular class or assignment isn’t coming along the way you want it to. Step up to the plate, you are not alone, and ask for help. Help is everywhere on campus.

6. Balancing Life as a College Student – School, work, extracurricular activities, and social life can become a big blur after a couple months. You want to do it all but know that it is just not always possible. Find one day a week to schedule ahead of time when you want to participate in something or hang with out with your new friends. By doing this you can prioritize your assignments and studying for exams. Then you can be able to take time for yourself, which is also very important to your well-being.

7. Have fun, experience new things and take lots of photos!

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